SafeTray Endorsements

Dr Ian White BDS, Melbourne

“SafeTrays are an essential part of our cross-infection control
system – they are economical and easy to use”.

Dr Peter Spark BDS and Dr Val Spark BDS, Wanganui

“A central and cost-effective part of our infection control protocol”.

Dr Roger Smith MDS, Restorative Dentist

“As a busy restorative specialist, I need a system that organises hand instruments, burs and medicaments while eliminating the risk of cross-infection. SafeTrays provide the cost-effective solution. In my experience the layout is ideal and the liners are always a perfect fit as quality control is excellent. The chair side assistant appreciates the time saved in clean-up and patients are reassured by the sparkling clean look of the product.”

Dr Jeff Annan, BDS., Dip.Clin.,Dent (Rest), FADI, FILD.NZ

Safe TrayI am finding SafeTrays a must. My chair side assistant and my patients wouldn’t let me go back to wipe-downs! I’ve found a use for almost every dimple!”