SteveDesigned by a Dentist for Dentists

A new concept in dental trays, SafeTray provides a new, clean work surface for every patient. A strong reusable master dental tray supports a very thin disposable plastic liner providing a cross infection control barrier.

The SafeTray dental tray liner eliminates the time, costs and chemicals involved in cleaning contaminated surfaces for re-use. It is environmentally friendly, can be recycled and comes in three configurations designed to allow individual management of dental instruments…
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SafeTray - The Best Form of Barrier

Simple, quick and easy to use, SafeTray’s hard PET plastic is more durable than other plastics. SafeTray is impervious to contaminated blood, saliva and other fluids…
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SafeTray System – As Simple As...

  • Liner and Master TrayPlace new liner onto master tray.
  • Arrange instruments, burs, medicaments etc.
  • After use remove soiled items and place new liner on master tray.
  • The master tray is not contaminated and does nor require cleaning or sterilising

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SafeTray - An Innovative System for Dentists

Designed by dentist Dr Steve Duncan who saw a need for a dental tray system combining cross infection control with efficiency …
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